Flavia Variety Case (81) £25.39

Flavia Variety Case (81) £25.39

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Do you have limited storage space? Or perhaps you're looking to try something new? the Flavia Variety Case contains some of the nations favourite Flavia drinks for your whole team to enjoy! The case contains:

5 x Taylors Coffee
5 x Smooth Roast Coffee
5 x Smooth Roast Decaf Coffee
5 x Mars Fabulous Froth
5 x Rich Roast Coffee
5 x Columbia Coffee
5 x Italian Roast Coffee
6 x Galaxy Hot Chocolate
5 x Real Milk Froth
5 x Espresso Roast Coffee
5 x Taylors Yorkshire Tea
5 x English Breakfast Tea
5 x English Breakfast Decaf Tea
5 x Green Tea with Jasmine
5 x Peppermint Herbal
5 x Earl Grey Tea
50 x Flavia Paper Cups
Wooden Stirrers 
White Sugar Sticks

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Cost/Sachet     =     31p