NESCAFÉ® Alegria 8/40 Coffee Machine

NESCAFÉ® Alegria 8/40 Coffee Machine

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Simple to fill, clean and maintain for your staff. Where you need a simple, quick serve, without compromising on quality. Designed to provide 30-40 cups/day and Drinks Menu can be tailored to meet your staff/customer requirements. Fast, reliable and durable high capacity mixing unit system with easy operation and cleaning. Delivers enhanced in-cup profile of hot drinks at the touch of a button. Brought to you by Vending Supermarket


Good To Know

  • Can be plumbed or unplumbed
  • Hot water option
  • Easy to operate by both staff and consumers – great for front of house where space and style is at a premium.
  • With evolving cutting-edge systems that are adaptable to any size business, a variety of menu choices prepared simply and continuous support from Vending Supermarket – we think it’s the cleverest way to deliver quality coffee in today’s world
  • Lead time is 4-6 Weeks from order
  • Starter Kit includes; 1 x Alegria Instant Coffee, 1 x Alegria Skimmed Milk, 1 x Nestle Hot Chocolate, 1 x Alegria 9/12oz Cups, 1 x Matching Cup Lids


Outright Purchase         =     £960.00+VAT*

3 Year Weekly Rental     =     £12.45+VAT**

4 Year Weekly Rental     =     £11.08+VAT**

5 Year Weekly Rental     =     £10.27+VAT**

*Includes Installation, Training, Initial Water Filter

** Includes Installation, Training, Initial Water Filter plus Annual Filter Changes. Weekly Rental may vary if any of the below options are required


CF7000 Changegiver           =     £3.50+VAT

24/7 Callout Service            =     £8.08+VAT

Please email if you are interested in renting one of these superb Coffee Machines.