The New Face of Vending Supermarket

Renovation of Vending Supermarket, everyone welcome!

Our new look was finalised the other week as a fresh start to the summer of 2022! We needed a change here at Vending Supermarket, our team wanted the best possible website for all of you fantastic customers! 

As you may have seen there a couple of new features we have added to Vending Supermarket, we have added these little features so we are more accessible to you all.

We have a new "GET IN TOUCH" page where you will find our email address & our direct contact number- please never hesitate to contact us! 

We also added a new "SUBSCRIBE" pop up so our team here can keep you up to date with all the best discounts & best catering supplies that will be going on here at Vending Supermarket.

Feel free to leave a comment and add your email below, we would love to hear your feedback. We want what's best for our customers, please keep in contact! 

Happy Shopping!

The team @ Vending Supermarket

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